What is oslagbaraonsdag?

The project OSLAGBARAONSDAG was born in the late spring 2011 in the small village Dals Långed in the dark forest of Sweden during our study at Steneby - The School of Craft and Design. The spark that started the project was about to rather take advantage of you creativity then just talk the talk.

The project functions like this:
In the original rounds the project it has been run for 2 weeks at the time. During those two weeks each day has had a theme and that theme was the inspiration to how to dress up that day. The themes have to start with the same capital letter as the day (for example. Metamorphosis Monday or Film star Friday) but are totally free to interpret.

The theme determined, on a rolling schedule, from one of the seven persons in the OSLAGBARAONSDAG-crew and is then, every morning at 7 am, texted out to the other six participants. This is, to avoid getting too much time to think about what to wear and to act more instinctive.

Before that day is over, all the participators have to take a photo from themselves, in the outfit, and post the picture on the OSLAGBARAONSDAG blog together with a motivation about their creation.

OSLAGBARAONSDAG 1.0 were preformed in April/may 2011 and OSLAGBARAONSDAG 2.0 in October 2011.